Women NY SS10 Showcard

“SS 2010…what does “Women” as a management company mean? What are its values? What is the message? This season the message is as emphatic and timeless in its appeal as the stunningly beautiful black and white box the cards come packaged in. Women now means exactly what the name says. It means glamor and sensuality. “Women” is a cipher for impeccably pulled together models, spot-lit and made-up and inarguably glossy. But as much as the ideal harkens back to the early glory days of the New York modeling industry, this coding is current, not retro. One thing that has emerged during Louie Chaban’s tenure as head at this agency is the sureness of his taste, a taste that is now marketed to its highest expression thus far in this SS 10 show package. All the classic themes of that ideal is reiterated but with heightened subtly by Jason Duzansky who orchestrates the package’s art direction for the 3rd season in a row. There is that signature green-toned coloration.. The classic elegance of the Didot font… and that old school four panel fold-out card this time made fresh by the witty addition of candid images of the girls on the back of the cards.”





Source | models.com


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