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Known украинка enters into number of fifty best models of the world and became the person of cosmetic company ” Диор ”

Practically on each display of known houses of a fashion it is possible to see our compatriot Снежану Онопка. Here five years украинка from Severodonetsk goes on world podiums, it is removed for fashionable magazines and advertises cosmetic means. Снежана became while unique украинкой, whose photo has been twice published on a cover of Italian magazine ” Вог “. The one who has been awarded it, automatically passes in the status of supermodel. Accordingly, fees for work increase also. However, Снежана never told neither about the work, nor about itself. It does not consider herself as the known person. ” It is simple at me such work – on a podium to go “, – shrugs shoulders Снежана.For interview the girl has chosen Oleg Voropayev’s studio, the known supplier in the фэшн-world of the Ukrainian beauties on podiums. Despite of high growth (175 centimeters), Снежана was in shoes on very tall heels, узеньких jeans, grey to a T-short and кардигане. Under its house “Bentley” waited for red color…

– More recently you have begun сторудничать with firm ” Диор “… (Dior)
– Yes, I became the person of this cosmetic mark.

– Will earn much?
– quite good money. Besides “Диор” – one of the oldest houses of a fashion. For career of any model it is important to receive the contract of such level. I considered, that me never will invite for similar work. But mum has been assured: sooner or later I shall cooperate with this house of a fashion. And after I have signed the contract, have told: ” I spoke, that at you it will turn out “!” Mum – my best friend. It always in me trusts.

– Working with cosmetic mark, you should use only its production?
– at all is not present. Anybody never at all does not ask me, than I use. When worked with company ” Шисейдо ” (Shiseido), used its production because it approached me.

– Speak, after displays designers give things to girls
– That to you to something have presented, it is necessary to ask. I, if fairly, very seldom asked. I remember, me so shoes from “Живанши” (Givenchy) have liked a collection haute couture, that I have left them to myself. The platform is made in the form of multi-coloured circles. Very unusual. And known designer Michael Kors, for example, often gives bags to models.

– When you lived in Severodonetsk and dreamed of absolutely other life, envied girls who go on a podium?
– Years in 14 terribly wished to become model, but this desire has disappeared after I flied for work to Japan. It was unsuccessful experience. It seemed to me, that modelling business at all for me. I lived in an apartment which remove at once for five girls-models. And as I was there the most younger, to me constantly showed any claims. It was very unpleasant. In 18 years I have moved to the aunt to Kiev and in the street have casually got acquainted with Oleg Voropayev. It has suggested me to leave on a podium. To admit, hear about it did not want. Continued to refuse even then when to me offers from world agencies ” Elites ” and “Некст” (Next) have started to act. Considered, that it not for me, I never can reach anything in this sphere. Oleg has in detail told to me about “kitchen” of modelling business, about agencies which have found Водянову (Vodianova), Пивоварову (Pivovarova). And I have thought: ” Why also is not present? If it will not turn out to work, even New York I shall look “. Has received the visa and has gone. So has occured, that I have lost there the passport. America could not leave three months. But me has carried: known photographer Stephen Majzel has paid attention to me. Soon I have gone to be removed for Italian “Вог” (Vogue).

– You freely communicated in English?
– is not present. For three months, certainly, I have learned to speak a little. But not it was for me a problem. A number with me was not my family, support. Strained test shootings because the rain pours, and you should something show… I would like home, habitual meal, a usual rhythm of a life.

– But you now name Stephen Majzela’s muse…
– it is not assured, that it indeed. I am grateful for everything, that Stephen has made for me. But I do not consider myself as someone’s muse.

– However, what to appear on a cover of Italian “Вог” it is very prestigious?
– not that word! Stephen Majzel is the unique photographer who removes covers for Italian “Вог”. Probably, this most significant, that can occur on start of career of model.

– You then understood it?
– is not present. Probably, has realized it only year through two after there was a magazine. I began to understand is better laws and undercurrents of modelling business. When could not receive the visa to depart on these shootings, I have told: ” Anything, next time me again will take “. And my agent in horror objected: ” That means ” next time “? Снежана, such chance is given far not by all and not always “. But I have understood it much later.

– Remember the first greater money which have earned?
– me have invited to advertise cosmetics of firm ” Шисейдо (Shiseido)”. I have received the sum For this work, sufficient for purchase of an apartment in Kiev. And here then has felt independent and self-sufficient. Unfortunately, in our country the woman practically cannot be realized without the help of the man. I understand, that to me have carried.

– What display to you was most remembered?
– the most effective orders on a final output do Дольче and Габбана (D&G). At them always magnificent skirts. Such I saw only in films. And here on display Дольче and Габбана (D&G) I in such leave! It so is beautiful!

– When in your personal wardrobe there were things of known brands?
– I loved them how became model. Adored all fashionable. It because I from small small town, at us was not such shops, as in Kiev. But when has seen, how people put on in America, has understood, that jeans and a vest – the most convenient clothes. Modelling business has simplified my attitude to things and in general to all.

– For five years of work on a podium you have made friends with someone from known people?
– friendship – concept relative. It is possible to be friends of one person twenty years and it will appear, that it to you at all the friend. So anybody the friends I shall not name. Last time in general began to doubt, that the friendship exists and there are any interpersonal attitudes which can be carried by in a year. Friendly – yes.

– Whose clothes most of all are pleasant to you? With whom it is more pleasant to work?
– very much it is pleasant to me “Гуччи”, (Gucci) Fried (creative director female прет-and-port houses of a fashion “Гуччи” Fried Dzhanini. – Авт.) very beautiful and talented woman. Its displays always something especial. To me like and ” Дольче and Габбана (D&G) “, and ” Луи Виттон ” (Louis Vuitton). Many young designers whom it is valid very much клевые. The world of a fashion in itself is very interesting, and people who there work, are rather curious…

– Some models complain, that very much get tired during weeks of a fashion in Milan and New York.
– Earlier I too got tired, but now have changed the attitude to it. In fact it is my work. And twice a year in the center of all fashionable events to be very interesting.

– Abroad you have a habitation or you stop in hotels?
– I have an apartment in New York. Though I spend there not enough time. After work always I come back to Kiev where now there lives my family. I have bought apartments to the grandmother, mum and in the next houses.

– You already thought, than will borrow after will cease to go on a podium?
– certainly! And in it to year has acted in National university of a name of T.Shevchenko on faculty of psychology and sociology. Thought Earlier, that I shall study in America or England, but these plans for five years and were not carried out.

– Why you think, what hearings about you are distributed your was by the man?
– we have left about four months ago. Our attitudes have deadlocked. The initiative to leave finally was mine. I in this situation have been adjusted resolutely. We have got acquainted still before I have got in modelling business. It the businessman from Moldova, is known enough and in Ukraine, for 14 years is more senior than me.

– It did to you the offer?
– yes, two years ago. But we and have not solved, when wedding takes place.

– when you have started to work as model, to you for certain began to render signs on attention of the man?
– even if rendered, I did not notice them. I have been enamoured. And more nobody was necessary to me. Besides my friend was very jealous. It even cut my things.

– Where you take forces actively to work and in the evenings тусоваться?
– I do not love secular actions. For these years was only two times on parties: once on a party in honour of birthday Dominica Дольче (Dolce), and the second – more recently in occasion of opening new boutique Ральфа Лорена (Ralph Lauren). Has stayed there exactly hour. Though I understand what to visit secular parties it is useful. But if for work I rise in six mornings and I come back in ten evenings after that to do to itself a hairdress, a make-up and to go somewhere to walk I do not want. I shall better have a sleep.

– You have other offers, except for work with “Диор”?
– More recently I represented круизную a collection “Гуччи” (Gucci). For Italian “Вог” сфотографиро-oa?a on 14 pages. There was a Russian “Вог” with my picture on a cover this summer. Besides I have passed in agency WOMEN which represents my interests worldwide. It is the important step in my career.

– At you one of the brightest machines in Kiev – red “Bentley”. You to yourselves have bought it?
– yes, certainly. I always wanted the red machine, but long it was impossible.
– What was your first car?
– I already had many machines. The first was Х5 BMW.

– Here, in Ukraine, you try to be engaged in charity. Recently together with Angela Lisitsej have arranged a holiday for sick children in “Охматдете”.
– Certainly, first of all I care of the family. But to help it would be desirable all. In the childhood I had a dream to open a shelter for animals. But sick children cause pity in any normal person. If it is fair, “Охматдетом” my mum more was engaged. had not enough time – could arrive only to day of carrying out of a holiday, look on деток, communicate to their parents and doctors. I think, in the future I can give more time of charity. I am not engaged in self-PR. It is not necessary for me. I want, that about my person spoke as small as possible. Therefore and to a children’s holiday anybody from press have not invited.

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