Video Interview from Andre Tan (Updated)

Thank you so much to wonderful Regina who took the time to e-mail me with a translation of this interview!

– Snejana, today is the first show, and this is the show of Andre Tan. Have you come here because he is
your friend or there is another reason?

– First of all he is my friend and of course I’m certainly interested in what he has prepared.I’d like to
have a look.
– Did you buy anything from his collections or, probably, you got his things as a present?
– You know, I’ve got a lot of his things. By the way I ordered a lot especially for the last time, and I
can say that I love everything he sewed for me.
– You took part in a plenty of fashion shows in Europe (I suppose he means f\w 10\11). Which of them were
the most memorable for you?
– I always like shows in Milan. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are certainly my favourite designers.
– Which brands are you going to prefer this season?
– You know the season has just started yet. We’ll see..I’m just looking forward for my Dior cosmetics,
that is going to appear at any moment. Also I’m still having a contract with Gucci..We’ll see.
– Did ukranian designers offer you to become the official representative of their brands? Or that’s too
expensive for them?
– I got such offers many times, but I have managers and that’s why I can’t make  decisions by myself.
Besides that is a very difficult process as all of my managers are english-speaking.
– You’re all alone today, without Pan (Mr)Onichenko.
– Yes, I am..
– What’s the reason?
– The reason is that we separated, that is why I don’t think that we should attend such events together.
– You know he is there.Have you met today?
– I haven’t seen him. No.
– What about your relationships? Do you meet, talk?
– He is certainly a very good man. But  force of circumstances compelled us not to associate.
Thank you Regina! 😀


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