Mallina Restaurant Party, Kiev (updated)

Snejana attended the opening party of new restaurant, Mallina, in Kiev. As usual, if I find more pictures, I’ll update this post.

Source | via jul (thank you! 🙂 )



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5 responses to “Mallina Restaurant Party, Kiev (updated)

  1. Dave

    So pretty, LOVE this site. I just wish there was more, maybe a guest book or something. Very nice and love the updates, but it’s a bit plain. Im here every other day =)

  2. A

    jul – thank you for the link, I’ve updated the post 🙂

    Dave – thank you for visiting & the feedback, I’ll see what I can do to improve things, please let me know if you have some ideas!

  3. Great page for every Snejana Fan 🙂
    Im following it on twitter, keep up the Great work, congrats – do you also Run a Facebook Fan page?

    Best, Cesar

  4. A

    Thank you Cesar, that’s really kind of you! I’m glad you like the site. I don’t run a facebook fan page at the moment, but it is something I’m considering. Please let me know if you have some suggestions for me 🙂

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