I’ve been working on this blog since February 2009, but some recent comments prompted me to write this post and ask for your feedback. Is there anything I can improve on, any features I can add or anything you’d like to see more of? (I wish I had awesome new stuff to post everyday but it’s not always possible!)

Some examples –

  • Transitioning to a proper website with gallery instead of a blog format / proper website whilst keeping the blog as well?
  • Facebook fan page, or is a blog just as accessible?
  • More old pictures, for example runway recaps from past seasons?
  • More or less focus on personal life?
  • More interaction e.g. guestbook

You can leave a comment on this post, contact me on twitter if you’re a follower or e-mail me at with any suggestions and I’ll take them into consideration.

Thanks in advance, and thank you to all my readers ๐Ÿ™‚



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8 responses to “Feedback

  1. Dave

    Hello, Im a follower of your blog and like I said in my previous post, I love the site but it feels like its missing something. Personally, maybe a lack of community? I think it would be great to have member profiles where messages could be sent or where user content can be posted. Id love to share my video im sure others would like to have some input as well. I know you write that the blog is Fall 09 and onward but she doesn’t do as much work these days ='( maybe having some updates with past videos/editorial/campaigns. Im not sure what your limitations are for blog format but Im just throwing some ideas out there =) If the website happens you should keep the blog, I think. A facebook fanpage might give more exposure to the site too.

    Just a little quirk, when I click to view larger pictures it goes to a new page and I have to go back to view the next. Minor annoyance but its worth it, for Snejana. lol

    Thank you for doing the work you do, its much appreciated. -David

  2. Nat

    First of all I had to admit, I am a fool for your blog, or shall I say Snejana, she is by far my favorite model on earth!
    Anyways, I believe you should focous more on her personal life, and probably(when you’ve got nothing to post) post some pictures from where she was young(er)!
    PS. I think it’s very great that you are asking your readers what they happen to think about it!
    Keep on the excellent work!!

  3. A

    David – Thank you once again, it’s your comment which got me thinking about feedback. I’ll definitely take your ideas into consideration – you are right, I am somewhat limited by the blog format in terms of developing further but I’ll see what I can do. I think I can change the picture formatting so it opens in a new window…i’ll look into that now.

    Nat – Thank you for your sweet comments! It’s great to know people are enjoying the blog and I’m sure I’ll be featuring some older pictures soon x

  4. Oh i just saw that too i have written on the latest posting something ๐Ÿ™‚ i think the blog format is ok, its good organised in the structure so one can easi find pictures and stuff. Some older pictures would be great. What i did like very much was the interview and the videos.

    Thanks for your great page ๐Ÿ™‚ its always nice to see here some news about her.


  5. A

    I’d like to probably build a gallery and use the blog to show what has been updated & new things.
    Thank for your kind comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Katie

    Hi dear!
    i love your blog and i have some ideas:
    -add polls, for example what outfit (hairstyle, make-up) suits her more
    -if there is no news or pics, may be post ‘picture of the week’ – one your fav pic from the past
    -and what about new header? white background and pink text are perfect, just change picture

  7. A

    Thank you Katie, these are all great ideas! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Dave

    ooh I like the idea of polls. maybe even like a ‘best look’ poll and pick from photos, new or old

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