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I’m reposting some sections of an interview conducted by with Eric Dubois and Vincent Peter of Silent in NY & Paris. Since Silent now represents Snejana in Paris, I thought it was particularly interesting to look at how her work might be managed there.

OTM. What do you plan to introduce to the New York market that is new for clients here?
S: Our vision.  By taking only a select number of models, we can then focus our energies on planning their careers and choosing the best work for them.  There are many large agencies out there where even extraordinary girls can get lost.  Once we make a decision about a model, we put all of our creative energy and resources behind her.

Beyond being simply another “boutique” agency, we view ourselves as curators.  To earn and maintain our clients’ respect, we realize the importance of being selective and careful about the models we introduce to our clients.  We think very hard about matching our clients’ needs with our models and the work that they have done. We are never afraid to tell a client when a model isn’t ready to be seen or if we don’t have a model that is right for their campaign.  This has helped us to earn our clients’ trust and respect. As our name implies, we like to remain quiet about our work, allowing the success of our models to speak on our behalf.  Our models have rewarded us with great loyalty over the years.  This comes from the intense focus we apply to each model we represent and the discipline we bring in balancing editorial work with advertising campaigns and money jobs.

OTM: . Do you feel that the market is flooded with too many new girls? How do you plan to address this issue at Silent?
S: Yes, we think there are too many girls.  At Silent, we care less about the number of new girls we represent than about how far we can take the careers of each of the models we manage.

OTM: What represents an ideal career path in your mind for a model at Silent?
S: When a model makes money yet continues to take quality steps each year in advancing her career.

OTM. Do you think the age of the super-star model can ever return?
S: Absolutely and this is why we focus on developing a small number of girls and their careers very carefully.  In recent years, we have seen celebrities taking some market share away from the modeling world. A supermodel, at the end of the day, is a very unique person and obviously such models are very rare and hard to find… they’re the “special ones.” We think that as “moving images” and video become more integrated into advertising, that having chosen the right models from the very start will help us position them to become the next class of “super-models.”

OTM. What would be the perfect achievement for Silent, say a year from now?
S: The best achievement for us would be for us to have every model we represent be successful, happy and proud!

You can read the rest of the interview here



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2 responses to “Silent agency interview with

  1. Reading this I kept thinking how perfect this sounds for Snejana 🙂 Sort of like Supermodels in the making, an elite group of models. But I don’t agree there are too many models, yes maybe slightly but its not as oversaturated as they make it sound.

  2. A

    I thought it was perfect too, and it really made me hopeful that good things can still happen for her. I’m looking forward to a productive Paris fashion week 🙂

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