Ukraine Fashion Week SS10 (Updated)

Whilst at the Andre Tan show, Snejana revealed some interesting news about her future;

Оценить коллекцию Андре Тана пришла его подруга — известная модель Снежана Онопко, которая призналась нам, что собирается переехать во Францию на ПМЖ: «У меня там работа, а перелеты так утомляют!».

…a famous model Snejana Onopko, who admitted to us that she was going to move to France for permanent residence: “I work there, and the flights so tiring!”.

She was also at Day 4 of the shows,

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  1. I always wondered WHY she is with Alexandr(sp?) instead of some cute young guy and I think because this is part of her culture to be with a rich older man. Of course then theres ‘love’ but who really knows. She has her own money and she can do whatever she wants so its a bit confusing to me. Maybe they have a great relationship and im looking to much into it.. lol just pondering here.

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