Mini Interview

Via MyNameIs at tFS

New mini-interview with Snejana from the recent MEGA EXCLUSIVE restaurant opening in Kyiv.

“I fly to Paris every week for work, planning to move there. Already found an apartment.”

“I was at this restaurant a week ago. It was doing a practice run then. The owners are my good friends. It has a good kitchen. I love Ukrainian dishes the most. My mom makes excellent “okroshka” (not sure how it’d be in English) and crapes. And the potatoes she makes, can’t even tell you how good they are. When I’m out at a restaurant, I like simple dishes. Don’t like to order exotic dishes. I drink mostly water and juice, sometimes mojito. Depends on my mood, whether I get [a mojito] with or without alcohol.”

She also wants to start a charity fund to fight against drug addiction.
“We’ll start it in Ukraine and then go international. I also have a couple TV projects that I’m working on. I don’t want to be the hostess, will try being a producer-director instead. It’s going to be some type of a talk-show about models. We don’t have anything like that in Ukraine.”

She refused to talk about her relationship with Onishchenko.

You can read the story in Russian here.


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