Cover January 2011 by Andreas Öhlund


My apologies for the slow and inconsistent posting recently, I’ve been busy with work but normal service will resume over the holidays! A new cover is a great way to start 2011, this time for “Cover”, a Danish magazine. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the photoshopping but previews of the editorial are much more promising – I will post the whole feature when it’s available.

ETA: The photographer is Andreas Öhlund, not Rick Shaine as previously stated.



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4 responses to “Cover January 2011 by Andreas Öhlund

  1. Jovonna

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you put into this website! Snejana is and always will be my favorite model and I love coming to your page to see her past and present work…so THANK YOU!! I was so excited yesterday when I found out that she got a new cover!!! I cannot wait to see the pictures from the editorial 🙂

  2. melodyandmemory

    this girl, like most of the girl in East Europa, is so sick and has a looser mood
    :-/ mha

  3. Serhii

    Good news!!! Gorgeous image!!!

  4. A

    Thank you Jovonna – such a sweet comment!

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