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Some information from MyNameIs on tFS, with a translation of her latest interview. She seems to be in a good place in her life and with a good support system – she is also very brave to talk candidly about her depression, it shows that anyone can have these feelings, it does not discriminate.

First, she reportedly shot for covers of both Ukrainian and Russian Harper’s Bazzar September issue.

Second, she gave an interview to a Ukrainian publication and apparently, she’s planning on getting married. She gave an interview to

On Dream.

I dreamed to be a model since I was a child and participated in [beauty] competitions. However, at 15, after having returned from an unseccessful modeling trip from Japan, despite an invitation from the Elite modeling agency, whose booker came specifically to Kyiv, I decided to put an end to this career. And only a couple years later, when I was invited to work with a New York agency DNA, whose models included Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova, I changed my mind, and decided that even if my modeling career doesn’t work out, at least I’ll get to see New York.

On Passport and Steven Meisel
At 18, I came to New York with a visa for 3 months. First two months I spent running around doing test shoots and wanted to give up and return home, but realized that I had lost my passport. While I was getting my passport papers in order, I was invited to a casting by the Steven Meisel assistant who took a liking to me. After I got a stamp of approval from Meisel, I did campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. Without a doubt Steven played the biggest role in my career, I owe my success to him.

On Relationship with Oleksander Onishchenko
In my life I had a five and a half year relationship which I hadn’t been able to get over for a really long time – everything ended so suddenly. Then I dated O. Onishchenko for a year. It wasn’t a PR, we really were dating and he helped me a lot. There was I period when I had depression and Oleksander tried to lift me up, entertained me. We remain good friends.

On Favorite Dishes
I don’t diet, eat whenever I want and whatever I want. If time allows, I go to gym where I work with a personal trainer. My favorite dishes are Risotto at Parisian L’Avenue and our waffle cake with condensed milk.

On Personal Style
I like jackets, jeans, t-shirts – that’s my style and I think it will remain my style for many years to come. I also really like dresses from Emilio Pucci and Balmain, clothes from Isabel Marant and Gucci. But I feel most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

People say I go clubbing a lot, but that’s not true. In seven years abroad, I’ve been to clubs only a handful of times.

On Beauty Secrets
I have allergies from makeup. Therefore, my main rule – take with me to shoots and runway shows, my allergy medicine. And in order to always look good, gotta have plenty of sleep.

On Meeting [current boyfriend] and Wedding
Nikolai and I hung out in same circles but never actually met each other. One time I was sitting with my girlfriends at a restaurant Ikra and Nikolai set at the next table. He was starring at me that I got uncomfortable and left. While I was driving, my phone rang – it was he. Nikolai asked me out on a date. I said yes. The funniest part, I was about 40 minutes late to the date, I was sitting in my car and I couldn’t decide whether to go in or not. In the end, we had a good time but there was no spark. We went our separate ways. We met again some time later and realized that we didn’t want to live without each other. We’ve been together 10 months now and are thinking about getting married. However, I don’t want any celebrations, I don’t like big weddings. I just want to get a marriage license.


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  1. where does she speak about depression? Thank you for the Snejana blog, miumiu dear.
    xo xo Tyler {formerly LTEC}

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